Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Signal: One of the most underrated and over looked horror movies.

Once we get a full fledged site up, we will feature a section for movies that are underrated and over looked but until that happens I will just post them randomly to inform some of you who may have not actually seen them.  If you disagree that these movies are worthy of this list, comment and let us know why.  Today I want to give credit to a movie called The Signal from 2007 (IMDB LINK).  Maybe I was really out of the loop but I didn't hear much about this movie during its release.  I got a copy of it a year after and was very surprised with it.  I really liked the concept, the acting, and almost everything about the movie.   It IS a pretty gory film but done in the right way.  I dont consider myself overly "squeamish" but I would take a physiological thriller over a slasher any day.   The Signal makes you feel uncomfortable with some of the violence, but is for a good reason, which is the protagonists survival. 
The Signal starts out with these two people in bed and in a short but intense scene shows you that they belong together and truly love each other.  The chick leaves the apartment to apparently return to her real husband/boyfriend, but dont worry he turns out to be an asshole.  The movie isnt slow to start either so those of you with adult ADHD dont worry.  It gets into the gore right away.  You quickly learn that the world is going crazy and becoming homicidal due to a mysterious signal being sent thru all tvs, radios, etc... hence the name.  The two that were meant to be together(main characters from the beginning)  are obviously separated during the chaos and the movie is, them trying to find each other while not dying.  There is some dark comedy thrown in with the gore and its pretty edge of your seat for the entire movie.  I highly recommend this film and feel like it should have had way more exposure even with such a small budget.  Fuck main stream hollywood and the remakes of foreign horror they crank out and always fuck up.  Watch this movie you wont regret it!  However I should warn in my case when someone talks a movie up so much I think that I like it less out of spite.  So just go into this, and any movie with no expectations and an open mind.  All in all I would give The Signal an 8.5-9 out of 10 rating. 

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