Thursday, July 22, 2010

Mirrors 2 teaser trailer

Here we have a trailer for the sequel to the 2008 movie Mirrors. It of course titled Mirrors 2. I personally found the first one to be decent at best, but still decent. I think mostly because it had some gnarly death scenes and came out in a time when there were few horror movies coming out and the ones that were sucked giant donkey dick such as Saw:5hundredmillion, Quarantine, The Happening, you get the point. Part two, from the looks of it, seems to be on the same level. Maybe it will be a couple notches down due to the fact that its going straight to dvd like an unnecessary Disney movie sequel (Aladin 20: Abu's tripple bypass). I might catch it in passing or on streaming netflix and throw up a review. Either way heres the trailer, sound off and let us know what you thought of the first one and this trailer for the second.

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