Sunday, August 1, 2010

Shelter 2010 pre-release review

Shelter is a movie starring Julianne Moore and Jonathan Rhys Meyers.  It was released in, i think china and maybe a few other countries.  And from what I understand it should be released in theaters here in the states in December.  Not sure on that tho because the IMDB doesnt have any release dates for the USA.  The movie starts off a tiny bit slow but quickly builds suspense for me the first half was SOOO good!  The second, was okay, but to me they could have taken in a better direction.  Really in the first thirty to fifty minutes I was pretty scared, curious, and really compelled by it.  I was thinking "this is one of the best movies ive seen in a while!".  Then they started to reveal the cause and bring in the religion aspect.  The film could have gone in so many directions yet thats the one they chose.  To me the religion part is kind of a cop out and boring, but all in all the movie was still good to me.  
The movie starts out with julianne moores character being a shrink who is trying to prove that multiple personalities are not real.  Her father gives her a new case, and weird shit starts to happen.  The first couple times he changes its creepy as fuck!  I got a screen cap which was posted at the beginning of this review.  His two known personalities are someone who apparently committed murders? and another who is handicapped?  I dont remember exactly, the personalities thru out the movie are sometimes hard to keep straight. Moore investigates and finds the crippled guys mother who informs her that he was murdered by some satan worshipers or some nonsense.  Then she take the mother in to meet the patient.  They call out her sons "personality" and he gives evidence that it is in fact him.  At this point the movie is pretty scary still and has you going "wtf".  The whole time as a side part of the plot people are getting sick and spitting out dirt then dying, whatever... There is about 10-20 mins of "ok now im confused wtf is going on"... but once it spells it out, you think hmm that makes sense but for me i felt a little let down.  Dont get me wrong its still a pretty cool, unique concept, but too skeleton key for my tastes.  I dont want to give many details away because I somewhat still highly recommend this movie.  The ending was also different not what I expected and im still not sure how i feel about it.  So all in all id give this movie a 6.5 out of ten could have easily been a 8.5 had the second half not fell so hard.  It was almost like two different movies to me but I do still think its worth a watch.  Since it is so easily available in certain places Im not sure how an american theatrical release would do, but I do feel like the movie is worth it.  It had an expensive feel and I think it would do pretty well in the states.

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