Saturday, July 10, 2010

Day Of The Dead 2008 also slightly better than i expected.

           Okay I will in no way praise this movie,  however I must say going into Day of the Dead with no/low expectations I was again pleasantly surprised.  I had heard all bad before seeing this and decided to give it a chance because like everything in life (people, movies, etc...), I feel you cant judge off of others opinions.  It started out okay, well lets be honest it started out slightly sub par.  Mena Suvari's acting along with Nick Cannon's acting are alone enough to make one turn this film off.  I stuck it out and it did get better. 
         This movie was originally slated to be released in theaters but I can see slightly why it wasnt.  Some of the special effects, mostly CGI, werent that great.  Others on the other hand were pretty damn good.  I would guess they shopped this out to a few animation houses, some good, some bad.  The acting throughout stayed about mid level, not good not HORRIBLE.  One thing I wasnt sure how I felt about was the fact that it had key elements of every zombie movie.  It had the dickhead who they help out and just gets in the way, it has the discovery of head wound kill shots, and it had the person who gets bit that they have to take along.  Part of me was like oh come on be more original but I think this was intentional and sort of an homage to older zombie films.  
            About 20-30 minutes into it I very much felt like I was playing Left For Dead.  The zombies were fast, and even super human with jumping and wall climbing abilities. Most bad feedback came from this aspect alone.  I will agree that this is nothing like the old zombie characteristics, but this isnt an old zombie movie.  When I first saw 28 days later, I did a sorta WTF, then I actually grew to like it.  To me its way scarier when they pose a threat.  If you can walk past a zombie how fucking scary is it really?  Dont get me wrong the old slow zombies still hold their place and will always be classics but this new breed shouldn't be hated.
           Another reason I feel people hated this movie is the fact that it is loosely based on the original Day of the Dead by the father of all zombie movies George
 A. Romero.  So people went into it with a lot of expectations.  It had some of its 
own original aspects that I actually liked, such as showing the man turn into a 
zombie internally.  All in all it was a decent, fun zombie movie and in all honesty, I 
would rather watch this a million times over George Romero's new shit bucket Survival of the Dead.  I would give the new day of the dead a 6 out of 10 ranking just because I have seen way worse.  Do I highly recommend it? no, but if youre bored its pretty entertaining.

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