Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Box was better than I expected

I first saw the preview for the box and thought it looked pretty good, a unique concept.  A little while after it came out I soon heard all the bad reviews and people saying it doesn't make any sense.   I wasn't surprised considering the director was Richard Kelly, who also did Donnie Darko, which I loved (mostly for the soundtrack, and atmosphere), but lets be real it made no god damn sense.  The box on the other hand I took the chance on.  It felt nothing like D. Darko and was actually easy for me to follow for the most part.  I will admit there were a couple WTF parts but all in all I actually really like it, a lot! It was pretty original with a good message and I couldn't find many flaws.  I think the people who gave it a bad rating are just pretty damn stupid and need things force fed to them.  I say if you havent seen it give it a chance.  The Box

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