Sunday, July 11, 2010

10 year old girl hangs herself after watching horror movie

      Well according to a story at the times of india website STORY HERE, a ten year old girl locked herself in her bedroom then hanger herself after her parents yelled at her for watching a horror movie.  Ok so it wasnt the actual movie that did it to her, but a process really.  Either way this is some crazy shit to me, I dont really understand the train of thought, there must be way more to this story.  I'm sure there were prior problems, maybe abuse?  No one can say for sure.  The India times site says the girl loved to watch horror movies but the parents told her not to bring any more horror "cds" (I assume dvds) into the cave to watch them.  I wonder what movies she was watching.  Check out the website but be warned the translation is super broken.

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