Saturday, October 9, 2010

Long trailer for The Walking Dead (AMC)

A long trailer for The Walking Dead has been released.  The series about well... The Walking Dead will be premiered on AMC, Halloween day. The trailer looks like 28 days later and Dawn of the Dead had an undead love child.  Is the hospital scene blatantly and lamely ripped from 28 days later?  Yes, are we stil excited to see this? Absolutely, and you should be too.  The budget appears to be high, which doesnt always matter but it cant hurt.  From what we can tell the zombies arent runners but who will know maybe they will be hybrids (Green but not eco-friendly).  Check the trailer after the jump and be sure to catch the premier October 31st at 10pm.  The premier is said to be 90 minutes, thats like a whole zombie flick in itself. 

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