Wednesday, September 8, 2010

This weeks unintentionally terrifying movie - The peanut butter solution.

This is a new section I'm starting called "Unintentionally Terrifying Movies".  I will occasionally post a movie that wasnt meant to scare the fuck out of you but did.  In a lot of cases these movies arent even considered horror or thriller type movies and thats what makes them even more fucked up. This week I will discuss The Peanut Butter Solution.  This movie has haunted me for 24 years (my age minues roughly the age I was when I saw it).  I randomly thought about it while trying to fall asleep a few weeks ago so I googled my little hands off until I found it.  I was shocked to find out it was a kids movie from Canada, leave it to those sick fucks.  It was also funny and relieving to find so many others telling stories of how they have been mentally scarred by this film also.  I had started to wonder if it was a bad dream I had as a kid or if this movie really existed.  I had nothing to go on but the vague plot.
In The Peanut Butter Solution a kid explores a burnt down house and gets the shit scared out of him to the point of losing his hair.  The movie never really shows you what scared him so badly (this is what fucked me up as a toddler, psychological thrillers are NOT meant for children).  Then they glue a wig on and some kid rips it off at school(this part also scared me badly) some ghosts make a peanut butter solution (hence the name) to put on his dome that grows him a huge fabio style mop.  I know it sounds like its innocent, but trust me its not!  Especially when youre two or three years old and your mom rents it at meijer assuming the best (back when they rented movies), it really fuckin scars you.  You can watch the movie here in its entirety on google WATCH IT NOW!!!! NOW!! .  But please if you have children under the age of sixty years old, make them leave the room.  If you were also a victim of this movie please post and let us know how your life was ruined.


  1. Hmm i remember my dad rented a movie with peanut butter when I was a little kid and it made me cry and i couldnt finish watching it. I was home sick from school that day and he rented a movie to give me something to do. When he got home from work I got very mad at him. Im not positive if it was this, gonna watch it now to see, hahahah

  2. I think i have repressed the horror of the movie up until now. i should see it again. I think it may have ruined my life.

  3. I agree 100%. I saw this movie as a little kid and I had nightmares for weeks. The image of the scared kid never left my mind. It's pretty interesting to see, that I'm not the only one, that thinks this movie is far too scary for children.


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