Thursday, July 15, 2010

SPLICE late review

I went to see splice a few days after it came out but for some reason I waited till now to review it.  Either way here is my opinion on the movie.  I didnt really go into it with any expectations, altho maybe high hopes.  I will say my hopes werent shattered but I do think people are rating it a bit higher than it deserves.  The first thing that I wasnt expecting was for 60 percent of the movie to be in a laboratory, not such a big deal.  I guess I was expecting more of a species type movie, but I'm glad thats not what it was.  The main "subject" of the movie is a genetically altered, super quickly aging, human bred with almost every animal, in an attempt to cure diseases? So it has a pretty interesting story, Ive always liked these kind of movies tho.
    The special effects including the CGI were pretty outstanding and some of the best ive seen in a while.  The woman who played "DREN", the main character, did a pretty great job at looking weird and making you feel some compassion for this thing that you know is dangerous and probably shoulda had a good ole fashion back alley abortion.  I do like the character development on her part.  There are actually a lot of things i can say positive about this movie.  But then there were some bad things as well.  Part of the time I felt like they either tried to hard to write the story or didnt try hard enough and it seemed kind of messy towards the end.  Also it had some funny parts that I dont think were intentionally funny, I found myself saying "oh come on, more than I expected".  If I had to rate SPLICE out of ten I would give it a healthy 6.5-7, do I strongly recommend it?  No, but I will say its worth checking out.

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