Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Paranormal Activity 2 (2010) - Trailer Official HD

Altho I can say im pretty excited for this and im no doubt going to see it I'm also equally afraid that it might suck. For instance "the Ring" remakes, part one scared the shit outta me and was original for its time, but part 2 was trying too hard. Another good example would be the blair witch and this is more fitting for this style, part 1 seemed original and very creepy for its simplicity. Part two a complete joke, some movies should be left alone. I have to admit I loved the first one, was somewhat slow moving but well acted and very creepy, the slasher flicks are entertaining but dont really scare me like these. There is something way creepier about the unknown. We will see what part 2 brings im not sure how they will pull this off, is it a different person? It looks like a different house all together. Lets hear your input, Enjoy.

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