Friday, July 16, 2010

La Horde trailer AND REVIEW!!

This post is a Preview/ Review all in one. First heres the trailer for you guys.
La Horde Is a zombie movie from France. Directed by Yannick Dahan and Benjamin Rocher, this film was originally released on August 28 2009 in London at a filmfest. IFC bought the rights for a US release and its now scheduled for release here in the states in Aug of this year (2010).
Check out the preview here.

Now for the review. First off I was able to see this on a trip to London or something like that, but from what i hear Netflix should have it as well, there might be a banner above to search for it. Or just wait for its release in the states, it should be open in theaters in Aug, or thats the story so far.
This movie WAS GREAT! The trailer made it look good but I have to say this is one of those rare cases where the movie is better than the trailer even shows. First it starts as an action/mafia type movie. The opening scene is of a corpse in a waste pile with someone staring at it. Then after the funeral of the assumed corpse it has some short dialog between some old french mafia whore and some french qweedos. At this point it seems vaguely that there will be a revenge mission. It progresses quickly into I believe 5-6 of these same characters, who you find out are cops, going into a beat up ass section 8 building complex. The building to me looked just like the buildings in the UK artist kosheens music video "hide you". France and the UK must have some nasty ghettos. Anyway, this sets a pretty good tone for the rest of the movie. I was never really sure what they were going for, It sounded like to find a person or a group of people to save? But they are quickly met with opposition.
The bad guys kill a couple good guys and hold them hostage. Then out of no where.. ZOMBIES! Everyone dead starts turning into zombies.. This was my only big issue with the movie, why the fuck.. Thru out the movie there is really no reason given why everyone is turning into the undead. The movie itself made up for this by just shear action and special effects. There are a couple scenes where they literally fist fight and kick zombies ass. I know it sounds stupid but its pretty bad ass, and when you see it you go, "yeah kick that zombies fuckin ass, cause if a zombie attacked me and i didnt have a gun id kicks its ass too"! I mean really why not fight back.. The chick fight scene was the best for me, just watch, i dont want to describe and ruin it for you. There are a couple antagonists.. nothing out of the ordinary or over done. The zombies arent super human fast but they are able to run. There is a crazy fat guy who has war flashbacks and keeps calling the zombies chinese, I found this slightly racist but funny.
The special effects were pretty, no VERY amazing. There were a couple parts like the distant night shots that were slightly cheesy but not terrible, and the gore special effects very much made up for it. There are a couple head shots that look real, and there are a couple bloodbath scenes near the end that are pulled great also. This is by far one of the bloodiest movies ive seen since "dead alive". The most memorable to me was the face smashing scene. Face smashing has always been super disturbing to me, in pans labyrinth for example. But pans face smashing scene has nothing on this. The fact that its a zombie makes it easier to watch but still hyper violent none the less and the special effects make it look very real! If you really want to see the face crush scene, here is a pic. FACECRUSH But that still doesnt do it justice.
I didnt find the soundtrack over powering at all. You know how you see some movies and you just think okay this music is way too dramatic. I infact dont remember the music much at all, which to me is perfect im sure it was there and added to the atmosphere however the movie didnt rely on it to be effective. Now for the end, It was okay.. Part of me hated the ending just because maybe i wanted the movie to keep going im not sure. Also part of me loved the ending because it wasnt what I expected. But I can say I expect a sequel. There for the ending was okay, could have been better but wasnt bad. And the movie was so good the ending almost didnt matter to me. Out of 10 stars id give this a 8, would have been an 8.5 if i loved the ending. Definitely worth seeing!  Also note this movie is in French with English subtitles which i dont mind.  Also it sounds like the American release will be the same and im actually happy about this.  Im sick of America remaking movies, write your fucking own!

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