Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Walking Dead 2, and where the HELL have we been?

No, seriously, where the hell have we been? Has it really been over a year since we wrote anything? Shame on us. On behalf of AHN, I apologize. We are hopefully going to be coming back in a big way soon, so keep checking back for that.

In the mean time, who caught the premier of Season 2 of The Walking Dead on AMC? I did and wow... I was slightly let down...

Head on down after the break to find out why.

Just kidding, I loved it. The Herd really had me tensing up. By the end of the episode Sophia was missing and Carl had been shot. I really like the show, but the pace is just glacial. I hope this season speeds things up a bit more than the first season.

The second episode aired and I haven't gotten a chance to see it yet, but I hear it was killer.

Like I said, keep your eyes here at All Horror News, we ought to be back up and running here soon.

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