Monday, July 12, 2010

You won't drive alone at night again

I might be almost 58,000 views behind on this one but I came across this today and was loving it.

This short film is directed by Drew Daywalt under the Fewdio banner and just like the rest, doesn't disappoint in the "creepy" factor.

The short film opens up with an exhausted middle aged woman driving alone to who knows where, illuminated by what we can only assume is a spotlight she has placed on her dash for one reason or another. Other than the quiet music and occasional car whizzing past all is quite in the vehicle.

Suddenly we get a phone call. It's Jenna, wondering where we are, blahblahblah. Cars continue to pass by. Keep listening and make sure to pay attention, the creepy here is subtle.

Have fun!

And if you are interested, here is one of Fewdio's most popular shorts, "Bedfellows".


  1. FUCKING GREAT! These clips are so short and yet get such a strong point across, unlike so many (splice) that go on for hours and leave you feeling unfulfilled. They also play on common fears which I love. I remember driving home in the country almost EVERY night i was afraid to look in the rearview mirror. Something about those michigan trees and urban legends of haunted roads. I half expected someone to show up in the car with me JUST like that. Good post.

  2. Fewdio is " a sinister entity that brings your darkest nightmares to life". I think that's why some can scare you so easily, yet others can leave you almost laughing. They are very specific in the ways they try to scare you.

    You know, some of that music you played late at night (Venetian Snares) probably didn't help either.

  3. This is what happens when you fart talk into a poop phone.


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