Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Shelter Movie trailer UK allhorrornews.blogspot.com HD

This is pretty exciting. Like case 39 this is a seemingly American horror movie with American actors, yet it has been released in other countries and not really scheduled to be released in the states. Well there are rumors of December of this year but nothing set in stone. Its odd to me that this is more common than people realize. Finding these hidden movie gems is pretty fun, I need to make up a name for the category to put these in. "A list underground"? They do have some pretty huge named actors. Now as far as the trailer. It looks decent, I loved the ring (part one anyway), so hopefully this is good too. We can only wait and see. I can say that I do like Julianne Moore as an actress even in the past thrillers ive seen her in. Keep your eyes peeled for this, if i end up "flying to Germany" aka finding a bootleg JAY KAY. I will give you a full review.

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